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Click on the appropriate link below to download a free trial license of Quick Terrain Modeler. Obtaining a trial license is a multi-step process. Click here for a PDF checklist. Click here to learn more about the steps, or here to learn about license types.

USA versions

64-bit (preferred) 
* Please contact us if you need a 32-bit version

International versions

64-bit (preferred)  
* Please contact us if you need a 32-bit version


Current version:
Latest release: January, 2017
What’s new: Download PDF here.
Beta downloads: View here.

Quick Terrain Reader

Free viewing software

The Quick Terrain Reader is the free companion software to Quick Terrain Modeler. The Quick Terrain Reader is capable of opening pre-built digital elevation models (DEMs) and point clouds and allows users to freely move through the terrain in a fast and intuitive way.

The current version of Quick Terrain Reader is 8.0.6. Should you have any problems loading your DEMs and/or point clouds, please first download the appropriate current version below.

Quick Terrain Reader

Quick Terrain Reader 64-Bit
* Please contact us if you need a 32-bit version


Current version:
Latest release: January 2017
Quick start guide: Download PDF here.

Interactive Online Quick Terrain Modeler Demonstration

To make the most of your trial period, we strongly suggest an interactive, live, online demonstration of the Quick Terrain Modeler. While the Quick Terrain Modeler is easy to use, a few basic tips from us could help you get started very quickly. In addition, if you would like us to work with your own data during the demonstration, we can accommodate you by providing our FTP site information. Once you upload your data to our site, we will be able to work with it during our demonstration.

A live demonstration consists of Applied Imagery controlling the Quick Terrain Modeler from our office, the audience viewing the demonstration on their computer (or multiple computers), and a conversation via telephone. We can adapt to the specific features you would like to see, whether it is building models, analysis tools, overlaying imagery, or any other topic of interest. The online demonstration is free and usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. To schedule a demonstration, please send an e-mail to info@appliedimagery.com.

Sample Workspaces


Training Data and Imagery (For use with Quick Terrain Modeler Tutorials)

Training Data:

Sample Point Clouds
Sample Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)

Sample DEM’s/DSM’s & LAS Files

Sample Raw Data
AVI Videos (DivX Plugin Required)
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