How can I quickly place markers?


Markers can be created quickly by holding down the “m” key and left clicking the mouse. A new marker is created wherever the cursor position is when the mouse is clicked. A custom name and numbering convention can be added by going to Markers > Marker Options and setting the default name and base number.

For example, one may want to place markers on each building on a given block. The user would go to Markers > Marker Options and enter “Building” as the default name and “1000” as the base number. Click Apply to accept the changes and close the window. Now, hold down “m” and left click each building with your mouse. Markers will be created at each click with the labeled marker name as “Building 1001”, “Building 1002”, etc. Markers can be imported and exported as mrk, shp, kml, and text (ascii txt).

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