QT Modeler v8.3.1 is available!

Applied Imagery is pleased to announce the release of QT Modeler v8.3.1.  We have added one big new tool, the Tiling Toolkit, and significantly enhanced a few popular “bread and butter” tools – Raster and Vector Line of Sight, Range Rings – per user requests.  We’ve also updated the GDAL libraries and added support for a promising new point cloud format, COPC LAZ. 

QT Modeler v8.3.0 is Available!

Applied Imagery is pleased to announce the release of QT Modeler v8.3.0.   This release will fundamentally alter users’ interaction with their 3D data – i.e., point clouds and surface models (DEMs, DTMs, etc.).  The Point Cloud Toolkit and the DEM Toolkit will likely become users’ preferred way to preview data, understand coverage, density, and elevation, then carve out just the required pieces – regardless of the size of the file or collection.  In addition, we have completely revamped movie making, added a Route Time Analysis tool, tweaked markers, optimized 2D texture streaming for large areas, and much more!  Download Release Notes

New Tutorials Available

We have just posted 4 new tutorial videos. The first is an overview tutorial on QTM’s Above Ground Level (AGL) analyst. This is a very useful, multi-purpose tool that can generate bare earth as well as tag every point with an AGL value and remove points based on that value (i.e., “peel back” foliage in rugged terrain). The other three tutorials offer a 3-part overview of QT Modeler in the context of photogrammetric UAS (drone) surveys. Enjoy!

QT Modeler v8.0.7.2 is Available

Quick Terrain Modeler version is now available.  New features include an enhanced Point Finder, virtual grid lines overlay, and other enhancements.  Please contact Duane Snyder at (301) 589-4446 or dsnyder@appliedimagery.com to upgrade.