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Welcome to the Applied Imagery Developer’s Page.  This page is intended to support developers of third-party plugins to Quick Terrain Modeler.  Below you will find information, documentation, and example code to help you create customized plugins.  If you need additional help or have questions, please contact us:


Note 1:  

The Quick Terrain Modeler API is only available for USA versions at this time.

Note 2:  

There is no additional charge for the Quick Terrain Modeler API.

Note 3:  

In the event you are considering distribution of your plugin, please note that all USA versions have the API built in.  I.e., you can distribute you plugin to any user of Quick Terrain Modeler USA, have that user install your plugin in the “plugins” subdirectory in the QTM install directory, and begin using your plugin.  There is no need to contact Applied Imagery nor is there any special licensing, keying, or permission required.


The API Starter Kit contains the Interface Control Document (ICD) as well as sample code to help you get started.  All files and documentation are contained in a single zip file.  This zip file is password protected using WinZip, so you will need WinZip to de-encrypt and unzip it.  The standard Windows File Explorer unzip tool will not work.  Please contact us to get the password:  (301) 589-4446 or  Click below to download.

(WinZip Required to Unzip - Contact Us for Password)