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Applied Imagery offers Quick Terrain Modeler (QTM) floating and node lock licenses via Flexera License Manager – also known as Flexnet or FLexLM. The FlexNet architecture is ideal for enterprise-wide deployments and for secure facilities in which USB dongles are forbidden. The support files below contain instructions for getting started as well as Applied Imagery’s vendor daemon, LMGRD, and LMTOOLS.  Please note that the toolkit below is for Windows X64 only.  If you have another operating system, please contact us.   Note: Node lock licenses do not require any of these support files. Support files are only required when deploying licenses in a floating architecture.  Contact us if you need help.

Current QTM Release Number: 8.3.0 (June 2021)

Current Flex Version Number: 


QT Modeler Flex Floating License Toolkit – Instructions and Utilities for Windows X64 (Zip File)

QT Modeler Linux License Server Support Files